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30 March 2021



Because of its flexible rules and legal transparency, the AIFC has great opportunities to attract technology companies, this allows expanding the FinTech center. Over the past few years, FinTech has had a significant impact on the transformation of the global financial sector in Kazakhstan. The study identified the four most promising segments in the region: payments and lending, digital banking and marketplaces. The development of the above segments in the region depends on the creation and effective functioning of a FinTech. This can be achieved through the development of technology and increased demand for FinTech services and products through the adoption of comprehensive measures aimed at improving the regulatory framework and human resources.


The main goal of a company registered with a FinTech center should be focused on obtaining benefits for consumers, which includes criteria such as the availability, efficiency and quality of financial services, which contributes to better risk management in the financial industry.


The main development strategy of the FinTech center:


- Introduction of new technologies;

- Launching new products on the market;

- Financial growth;

- Reduced costs;

- Capital optimization.



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