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05 April 2021

Исламское финансирование

Islamic finance is a financial activity based on the principles of Sharia law.

Islamic finance has several areas:

- Islamic banking

- Islamic Leasing (Ijara)

- Islamic financial Instruments

- Islamic insurance

-Islamic securities

One of the directions of the AIFC is the development of Islamic finance. The AIFC has all the conditions for providing Islamic financing tools.

The Islamic financial services in the AIFC includes participants from among:

Islamic banks

asset management companies

investment funds

Takaful-and Retakaful-companies of Islamic financial organizations, as well as leading international institutions of Islamic finance

Within the framework of the AIFC, there is also a stock exchange — Astana International Exchange (AIX, Exchange) in which conditions are created for the issuance of Islamic securities-Sukuk


Advantages of the AIFC

- flexible financial regulation: proportional to the size, amount of risk and risk appetite and other factors;

- flexible corporate regulations, simplified visa and labor regimes;

The minimum amount of the charter capital of Islamic finance entities is $100,000.

Subjects have the following tax preferences:

- exemption from payment of Corporate Income Tax and VAT for Islamic banking and financial services and fund management services

- exemption from payment of individual income tax for dividends

- exemption from payment of property tax and land tax

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