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22 February 2021

Специальные экономические зоны


Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is created on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to accelerate the development of modern, highly productive and competitive industries to form a qualitatively new level of service provision, to attract investments and to introduce new technologies in the economy and in the regions, as well as to increase employment.


A special economic zone is a part of the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan with precisely defined borders, where a special legal regime of a special economic zone operates for the implementation of priority activities. SEZ is created for a period of up to twenty-five years for the implementation of priority activities by its participants.


Activities on the territory of the SEZ are carried out on the basis of an agreement on the implementation of activities. In this case, land plots are provided on the basis of agreements for temporary paid land use (lease) of land plots.


A SEZ participant is a legal entity that carries out priority activities on the territory of a special economic zone and is included in the unified register of participants in special economic zones. The participants of the SEZ, who are fully or partially coincide with the sections of the customs border of the Eurasian Economic Union. Individual entrepreneurs may carry out priority activities in the territory of the specified special economic zone.


Tax preferences in the form of exemption from:


- corporate income tax;

- property tax;

- land tax;

- payments for the right to use land plots;

- VAT on the sale of goods, works, services;

- import customs duty.


Following SEZs exist on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan:


- "Astana is a new city";

- Astana-Technopolis;

- "Pavlodar";

- "Park of Innovative Technologies";

- National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark;

- "Ontustik";

- "Saryarka";

- "Seaport Aktau";

- "Khorgos - Eastern Gate";

- "International Center for Cross-Border Cooperation" Khorgos ";

- "Chemical Park Taraz";


- Burabay;

- "Qyzyljar".


Followings cannot be participants in SEZ:


- subsoil users;

- organizations that produce excisable goods, with the exception of organizations that manufacture and assemble (complete) excisable motor vehicles;

- organizations and individual entrepreneurs applying special tax regimes;

- organizations applying investment tax preferences under unfinished contracts concluded with the authorized government investment body before January 1, 2009;

- organizations implementing (having implemented) an investment priority project and an investment strategic project in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on investments;

- organizations operating in the gambling business.



The SEZ is abolished upon the expiration of the period for which this special economic zone was created, the participants of the SEZ, who own the right of secondary land use (sublease) of land plots on the territory of the SEZ have the right to purchase them. The territory of the SEZ acquires the status of an industrial zone of republican significance, its management company is the status of the management company of the industrial zone and the participants of the SEZ and persons, who carried out auxiliary activities is the status of participants in the industrial zone.


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