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29 January 2021

When a license is required?

In cases provided by law, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate permit to engage in certain types of activity. This permit is called a license. Licensed activities and licensing procedure are governed by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Permits and Notifications”. 
License is a permit from the competent government agency to engage in a certain type of activity. The law calls licenses the first category permits since the licensed activities are associated with increased level of risk. As for consumers, this guarantees the quality of the purchased goods or service.
What types of activities require a license? Certain activities in the following sectors are subject to mandatory licensing:
• Educational sector: TV and radio broadcasting; culture; education, informational support and communication
• Construction: architecture, urban planning and construction.
• Safety and health of the population: distribution of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances; healthcare; use of atomic energy; information security; circulation of special technical devices intended for operational-investigative activities; circulation of weapons, military equipment and certain types of weapons, explosives and products using them; circulation of toxic substances; production and circulation of ethyl alcohol and alcoholic beverages, production of tobacco products; veterinary medicine; use of outer space.
• Oil sector and industry: activities in the field of hydrocarbons; minerals, electricity.
• Economic sector: activities in the field of commodity exchanges, export and import, gambling business, agriculture; financial sector and activities related to the concentration of financial resources, transport.
How to obtain a license?
1. Collect all the documents you need. These include:
1) application;
2) in particular cases - copy of the charter (notarized copy if the originals are not submitted for verification);
3) certificate of state registration (re-registration) of the applicant’s legal entity - for legal entity;
copy of the identity document - for natural entity
4) copy of the document confirming the payment of license fee.
2. Submit to a competent government agency. There is also an easier way - obtaining a license through the web portal. To do this, you must have EDS (electronic digital signature).
The term for obtaining a license or reasoned refusal is 15 business days.

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